Ken Kahn – Buffalo, NY

Dr. Wentz was a great faculty member during my residency at Mac House 1969-1973. He was a gentleman, teacher, humanist and fine surgeon. After an oncology case he would take the team out for lunch. He would invite us to play tennis with him on occasion. He was a great mentor probably without realizing it.

Tom Janicki, MD – Shaker Heights, OH

Budd was my friend and mentor, I own him a lot. I am sorry I could not attend service at Judson, but I am an call and had to take care of emergency. I am sure Budd would would understand.

Jeff Chiplis – Cleveland, Ohio

Budd made me feel welcomed when i first moved to Cleveland and i never forgot it.

Lynn Brom, Mentor, Ohio

Dr. Wentz assisted my gynecologist when I required surgery at McDonald House in 1987. He was so kind and caring, always sitting on the end of my bed during visits. He bought me a bottle wine to celebrate a good pathology result and checked every day to make sure I was drinking it. The wine was a little dry for my taste, so I had my husband drink a couple chugs every night when he visited, so Dr. Wentz would be pleased.

Marcia Berlin – Chagrin falls, Ohio

I was his nurse when he had his office on the 1st floor of McDonald House and then we moved to the Cornell Building. I worked with him until he retired and loved working with him.He gave me my first experience as a office nurse, which I kept doing for 33 years, until I retired.

David Burkons,MD – Shaker Hts, Ohio

I got to know Budd when I came back to Cleveland to join Ron Golden in practice. He was always very helpful to and supportive of me. During rough times in the ObGyn Department at UH Budd was the rock that held things together. He was a great physician, leader and friend.

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