Welcome to W. Budd Wentz

Starting in the early 1980s Budd and Tom would sit and talk for hours about his military and medical careers.  For over 3 decades we would relive and discuss every nuance of each salient mission time and time again. In the summer of 2002 we started to craft his WWII experiences into several different episodes. These are his stories.

Oct 2019, Shaker Heights, Ohio – Hi and welcome. This site is dedicated to Budd’s family, friends, colleagues, patients, and most especially all his newly discovered offspring. What a joy! Check out the new Photo Gallery of 91 years of Budd’s life. More photos, including artwork, have been added, plus created a Timeline under About Us.

Jan 2020 – Links to the History Channel’s Dogfights program have been added where Budd and the Klaus Hahn, the German pilot who rammed Budd’s B-17 on 7 April 1945, were interviewed. See  2007 History Channel videos on YouTube.

All the best – Tom

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